Rainy Days Reviews

YA Books Central

“What Worked: Preschool children need time to explore their environment in all different weather and seasons to gain an understanding of their world and their place inside of it. This book helps young children do that by showing kids having a blast playing in the rain with all sorts of ways to explore. Some children stomped in puddles, made a mud painting, picked up worms. If the weather had lightning and thunder then they stayed cozy in their house.

Final Verdict: As an adult, it is often easy to think of the inconveniences of rainy weather even if it is essential to life on our planet. This book highlights the joy that can be found on a nice rainy day.”

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CM Magazine

The clever rhymes in Rainy Days really make for an entertaining way to teach children rhyme and rhythm. Being that the many forms of rain are something that, especially in Canada, we see in our day-to-day lives, children will be able to engage with the story because it is relatable and compelling.”

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CTV Your Morning

“This is a padded book, so it is perfect for younger kids. It is just a lovely story about the things that you do on a rainy day, from putting on your boots to looking for snails. It is lovely rhyming couplets, which is really nice for young children.”

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Sal’s Fiction Addiction

“Poetry is very important for little ones. They respond to the rhythm of the words, and begin to understand that many words sound the same. Rhyme is a very important part of the reading process. Children who know how to rhyme have a better chance of success at school.

This is the fourth in a series of padded hardcover books for our youngest readers. It follows Windy Days, Sunny Days and Snow Days. What a way to get started on a library for a new baby or a favorite toddler. Each of the books captures the magic found in nature and its many blessings.”

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