Our New Kittens Reviews


Cover: Our New Kittens Author: Theo Heras Illustrator: Alice Carter Publisher: Pajama Press

“The illustrations, using colored pencils, watercolors, and digital media, are softly hued and charming. A good story about the anticipation and excitement of getting a pet, and of kids learning how to interact with their new charges.”
— Connie Fletcher

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Kirkus Reviews

“Illustrations in colored pencil, watercolor, and digital media feature soft lines and colors and emphasize the relationships between the boys and their pets…Endpapers list in crayon-styled hand printing things to have before bringing a kitten home and what to give your kitten each day….[will] stoke a child’s excitement about the idea of getting a pet and useful for facilitating a conversation about “pet care. (Picture book. 3-6)”

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School Library Journal

“This is a spare story about two brothers and their first experience owning kittens….The colored pencil, watercolor, and digital art has a cartoony feel to it, and the brown-skinned boys, with their oversize round heads and curly hair are appealing. The art is visually interesting, with a nice mix of points of view, as well as full pages, spreads, and spot art to add movement and encourage page turns….VERDICT Vets might find this title to be a useful tool for parents looking to add kittens to their home…”
–Amy Lilien-Harper, Greenwich Library, CT

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Foreword Reviews

“Through this lovely introduction to pet care and responsibility—whether families are adopting an animal for the first time or reinforcing good practices—children will learn how to safely care for new furry friends: providing fresh water and food, a clean litter box, brushing, play time, gentle care, and, of course, lots of love.”

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CM Magazine

“Alice Carter’s illustrations are warmly created with colored pencil and watercolours as well as digital art. The characters and the setting are realistically represented with a slight cartoonish flair. Overall, the pictures allow the readers to infer more details in addition to the text, thereby extending the storytelling of how the relationship between the brothers and their new pet kittens develops.

Reading Our New Kittens would be a good way to inform young children of the emotional and behavioural aspects, plus accountability, of what pet ownership entails.

Highly Recommended
—Sheryl Lee

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Youth Services Book Review

Rating: 5

What did you like about the book? Simple text and vivid illustrations introduce young children to bringing home a new pet. The endpages are wonderful with a checklist and tips for caring for new kittens. Highly recommended for anyone considering adopting from an animal shelter.”
Julie Durmis, JC Solmonese Elementary School, Norton, MA

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Resource Links

Our New Kittens is a book that kids will enjoy if they are preparing for a new kitten themselves. They may even find some helpful advice, like how to behave around a new kitten and what supplies they will need….[A] great discussion starter for families who are bringing home a kitten of their own.”
—Alice Albarda

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Our New Kittens is a good book with a simple story about the joys of having 4-legged family members.”

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Kids’ BookBuzz

“I was excited to review Our New Kittens because my family fosters cats, and I like to help take care of them. This book reminds me of when we fostered new kittens, and they can be scared at first, but you need to make them feel comfortable. It is a great book to read for kids who are getting a new kitten because it shows all the things you need to get and do to take care of a new kitten….

I love that the illustrations are colorful. I especially love the expressions on the kittens’ faces, like when they are scared, happy, or playful. I recommend Our New Kittens to kids who have cats or are thinking of getting any kind of pet.”
—Avery, Age 8

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Fab Book Reviews

“[An] adorable and warmhearted story…Readers who clamour for sweet, realistic-leaning stories to do with kittens or cats or for picture books about taking care of pets might especially adore the sheer cuddliness of Our New Kittens. Families who may be preparing to adopt a cat into their home or families with wee ones who have welcomed a new kitten home might also enjoy reading Our New Kittens.”

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Canadian Bookworm

“This was an apt choice as we adopted two cats yesterday, although not kittens….This is a fun read for kids interested in getting a pet, preparing them for the joy and responsibility of having an animal in the home. The drawings are lovely, I loved the flyaway curls of the younger brother, and his mismatched socks.”

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