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Cover: My Puppy Patch Author: Theo Heras Illustrator: Alice Carter Publisher: Pajama Press“A young child is confident a new puppy will adhere to newly learned rules on a first outing beyond the backyard fence….Fundamentals of puppy training and pet ownership are the underlying themes…Carter supplies attractive illustrations done with colored pencil, watercolor, and digital media against a stark white background. The narrator presents white and Benny black; the narrator’s jewel-toned, print dress is especially attractive. The genuine love expressed between owner and pet fortifies the responsibilities Patch’s owner undertakes.”

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CM Magazine

My Puppy Patch is a wonderful story that introduces, or reinforces, how to care for and train a new puppy. It takes patience, consistency, and love on the part of the little girl to ensure that her new pet will be safe on an excursion beyond the gate. The language and pacing is perfect for the very young, and Patch’s antics throughout keep the story engaging and not overtly didactic….

Alice Carter’s illustrations are a delight….Especially cute are the puppies, whose personalities come out through the soft fur and expressive faces.

My Puppy Patch would be a great choice for a family looking to bring a new dog into the home or for any child who loves pets. Just enough tension, adorable pictures, and a sweet and simple story make it perfect for multiple read-throughs.

Highly Recommended.”
Amber Allen

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