Look Up High! Things That Fly Reviews

Kirkus Reviews

“An invitation to fledgling readers to admire various types of flying craft (while practicing their prepositions). A jet plane “soars across the sky,” a glider “glides behind a plane,” and other flyers from a toy airplane to the International Space Station go above, below, between, and around in big, bright stock photographs as Allenby repeatedly urges readers to “Look up high!”…It’s a quick read but well designed to put wind beneath the wings of children working to get their minds around language and parts of speech….A short flight, soon past—but with plenty of lift.”

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CM Reviews

“In the firm belief that our youngest readers need colourful, engaging primary language books, I hope you have room on your shelf for this one. Look Up High! Things That Fly has beautiful colour photos showing a jet plane, hot air balloon, glider, water bomber, airship, helicopter, toy plane, and a space station. …The rhymes are repetitive, changing only the name of the thing that flies. Soon young readers or listeners will be able to fill in the name of the flying thing and join in the rhyme… Look Up High! Things That Fly concludes with four fun and easy activities to do with a child to reinforce the concepts of positional prepositions…Highly Recommended.”

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