Let’s Add Up! Reviews

School Library Journal

“Simple math problems are lively and fun in this sweet picture book that shows all the different ways to add up to 10, then goes one step beyond, e.g., “6 pots + 4 pans = 10 dishes…or a feast!”…The children are an ability-diverse group….They have a range of hair textures and skin tones; in fact, a variety of browns, tans, and pinks are the dominant colors in the illustrations, which also feature a palette of muted primaries (red, blue, yellow). A note to adults suggests four ways to make learning foundational early math skills fun with a child….Add this book to all early childhood collections, and watch the math come out”

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Kirkus Reviews

“8 + 2 becomes more than just numbers in this invitation to think outside the worksheet. Here, as she did for shapes and for sounds in her previous entries in the Big, Little Concepts series, Allenby turns arithmetic into play…The author supplies caregivers with further enrichment activities designed to stretch counting and classification skills at the end, and Zeng’s expressively posed children are having so much fun throughout that readers will jump at the chance to join in…Teachers and parents can count on an enthusiastic response from younger audiences.

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Children’s Literature

“Join a group of young children as they add to ten in creative ways with this math-themed picture book….The illustrations are colorful and straightforward. Children with different skin colors and abilities are shown in the illustrations, as are a child in a wheelchair and one with hearing aids. Even the end pages show the numerical equations! This is a great book for introducing or reinforcing early math skills at home or in a preschool classroom….Reviewer Rating: 5”

CM Magazine

“Let’s Add Up! is a cheerful book that can teach young children counting concepts and new vocabulary. It can help instill a joy of learning which can then contribute to lifelong curiosity and a pursuit of knowledge….[Victoria Allenby] has the knack to put delight in discovery…she takes children’s thinking to another level….Montreal illustrator Maggie Zeng complements Allenby’s content with playful characters….The happy children are a diverse group, representing the current Canadian population….Let’s Add Up! can be a useful addition to a childcare centre as well as a home collection. It will create opportunities for children and adults to have many shared experiences while giving children skills and learning that will last.

Highly Recommended”

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YA Books Central

“The author uses easy, simple words that are easy for young children to understand, but not so simple that it is a chore for a parent to read aloud. The illustrations are cute and vivid, and they provide that necessary step for visual learners. I enjoyed that the author included fun activities for kids at the end of the book, perfect for kinesthetic learners. Let’s Add Up! would be a great addition to any beginner reading/counter library – whether at home or a school setting.

Good Points: Easy To Read, Vivid illustrations, Educational

Overall Rating: 5”

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Storytime with Stephanie

“[T]he perfect early learning book to get readers excited about numbers….The book, part of Pajama Press Inc’s Big, Little Concept Books line, is created especially for early readers with sturdy, heavy card pages and a soft heavy duty cover, it’s a book that will stand up to multiple readings. It also has excellent back matter to help parents and educators extend the learning in the story. There is lots of inspiration for math centers or small world exploration that will come from this simple little story.

Maggie Zeng’s illustrations are inclusive and full of joy….The art makes the story feel like a community or classroom, perfect for the theme of the book.

There are very few math focused picture books available to readers and educators to foster not only a love of reading but also a love of numbers. Victoria Allenby has found a gap in the toolkit and has filled it with Let’s Add Up! I hope there are more math focused books in the future.”

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The International Educator

“Let’s Add Up! by Victoria Allenby, with art by Maggie Zeng, is a frolicking romp counting to 10….Fun to count and read (and then have a party!) with a Kindergarten class.

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Luminous Libro

5 out of 5 stars….This is such a cute book! It really makes it fun to learn addition and see what the children will do with each type of item….It makes learning addition easy because each page is such a clear visual representation of the arithmetic that is happening.

I loved the adorable illustrations, and I really appreciated that the children on each page are from diverse ethnicities and abilities. I love the sweet smiles on all their faces, and the way each child is included in their fun activities.”

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Book Time

“Victoria Allenby’s latest picture book for two to five year olds introduces early math skills….What I like about this padded board book is that while five drums plus five tambourines do add up to 10 instruments, it also adds up to a band….It’s a fun concept that shows more than math skills.

At the end of the book, Allenby offers four ways to make learning fun.”

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