I Love My City Reviews

School Library Journal 

“This comprehensive and invitingly designed book beckons readers to explore the phenomenon of the modern city in a wide range of societies throughout the world….On each page, comprehensively detailed digital illustrations bring the topics to life, moving seamlessly between colorful spreads and overhead diagrams. The design of the text enhances the presentation, with paragraphs thoughtfully laid out on brick walls, lakes, and clouds of smoke. As explained in the introduction and conclusion, the creators seek to foster an understanding of cities (home to half of the world’s population) as a vital element of the global community—a worthy goal for young citizens everywhere….An excellent addition to nonfiction collections.”

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“This engaging tome introduces middle-grade readers to various aspects of cities….The accessible text is accompanied by colorful graphics, including oversize fonts, information bubbles, diagrams, cutaways, maps, and many busy two-page spreads filled with diverse city dwellers going about their daily activities. The book takes a global view, citing examples from all over the world and from different times in history. Another highlighted theme is the emphasis on ecological sustainability and earth-friendly development….This visual treat will be useful for research projects and should also catch the attention of browsers.”

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Kirkus Reviews

“Almost 70% of us will live in a city by 2050, so our urban past, present, and future are topics of interest. Good questions are posed in this book translated from French, beginning with where and when cities were first constructed…”

Storytime with Stephanie

“Cities are places that are fast paced, jam packed and full of diversity. For those wanting to know more about cities, I Love My City by France Desmarais, Richard Adam and Yves Dumont contains anything you ever wanted to know about cities and how they operate.

Through historical facts and current practices, authors France Desmarais and Richard Adam bestow a wealth of knowledge about cities upon the reader….It’s comprehensive and general so that readers in any part of the world can gain more understanding about the places where large segments of the population live and work.

I like that the book is straightforward and very factual….I can see this book being used in a school setting where readers are learning about urban environments….The open-endedness of the information allows readers to take in the information and apply it to their own location wherever they are in the world and allows for comparison between cities and urban and rural settings….Yves Dumont’s illustrations add colour and interest to the book….I love the cross sections of city waste and water services, the colourful buildings and the city dwellers…”

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