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School Library Journal

GoingForASeaBath_Website“Leanne does not have the standard tub toys. She bathes with real turtles, eels, clown fish, and sea horses. Her dad delivers them to her footed bathtub after she complains about her boring bath-time. Each time he runs to the beach behind their house, he returns with a successive number of animals. The tub becomes too full when 10 octopuses are dropped in, so the dad and the daughter have a sea bath outside in the ocean. The humor in this story is reminiscent of Robert Munsch’s writing. It’s over-the-top but heartfelt, and the bright cartoon art is a hoot. Seeing all of the creatures of different sizes, textures, and colors in the tub is anything but boring. VERDICT A fun addition for those looking for new bathtime or numbers books.”
—Tanya Boudreau, Cold Lake Public Library, AB, Canada

CM Magazine

“Repetition and humour make Going For a Sea Bath a wonderful read for children who are young enough to enjoy playing in the bathtub. They will enjoy counting and adding all the sea creatures. Poulin uses a combination of familiar animals, like turtles and clown fish, along with lesser known ones, such as sea urchins, anemones and eels. The illustrations are realistic yet humorous and show Leanne swimming around with her new bath mates. Each page offers an opportunity to spot the creatures from previous pages as well as count the new ones being added. Large full-page illustrations by artist Anne-Claire Delisle give readers lots to look at and add to the humour of the story. The sea turtle, who was the first one to join the fun, is the largest and funniest of all the creatures and can be spotted in many funny poses throughout the story.
Rich with vocabulary, numbers, humour and wonderful art, Poulin and Delisle have created a wonderfully entertaining counting book.
Highly Recommended.”
—Claire Perrin is an elementary teacher in Toronto, ON.
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“Andrée Poulin delivers a hilarious accumulative tale about bath time. Leanne hates her bath time because it is “so boring”. Her inventive father has an idea to increase the fun aspect of bathing. He runs to the sea and returns with 1 turtle for the bath. When Leanne is not impressed he returns to the shore and brings back 2 eels. Leanne decides that the eels are too dark so he goes back to the sea and carries back 3 clown fish. The escapade escalates, as 4 seahorses, 5 shrimps, 6 hermit crabs, 7 sea urchins, 8 anemones, 9 starfish and finally 10 octopi are gradually added to the now over crowded bath tub. The amusing tale introduces numbers, sea creatures and the idea of creative fun to children. The illustrations are wonderful! They are colourful, emotive and very funny. Bath time will never be the same!”
—Isobel Lang

The National Reading Campaign

“In addition to numeracy, Going for a Sea Bath incorporates two other concepts: synonyms and animals. Leanne’s father brings all kinds of animals into the bathtub, ranging from familiar sea turtles and clown fish to lesser known anemones and sea urchins, so kids are also sure to discover some new creatures. And when her father gets a new idea, he qualifies it with a different synonym: great, excellent, terrific, marvelous, brilliant. The numbers, animals, and synonyms are printed in a bolded font for emphasis.

This picture book builds gradually with all the animals ending up in the bath – or falling out of it! Kids will love the chaos that ensues, which Delisle reflects through each character’s and creature’s actions, positions, and expressions. Going for a Sea Bath is an off the wall read which will surely get a giggle.”
—Jen Bailey

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Canadian Children’s Book News

“In the whimsical picture book Going for a Sea Bath, Andrée Poulin takes young readers on a trip to the ocean…right in the bathtub! Leanne does not want to take a bath because baths are boring, and there is nothing to play with in the tub. Her father, undaunted by his daughter’s reluctance, has an idea to make bath time more fun. He runs all the way to the sea and returns with one turtle. When the turtle doesn’t do much, Leanne’s father returns to the sea, bringing a succession of expressive sea life for her to enjoy in the tub. From two eels and three clownfish up to nine starfish and ten octopi, Leanne’s bathtub gets so full there is no more room for Leanne! Munsch-esque prose paired with Anne-Claire Delisle’s delightfully playful illustrations will have kids hooked.

What better way to introduce young children to a unit on sea life than to read this book aloud and have students talk about all the animals that live in the sea. Leanne’s father brings ten different creatures home; can students think of other animals that live in the sea? Have any of the students visited an ocean? What sea life did they see? This book would make a perfect segue for a class trip to an aquarium (or the ocean, if you are lucky enough to live on one of Canada’s coasts). There are wonderful opportunities to incorporate math (counting, adding, etc.) and art into a unit on sea life and the oceans—create a classroom mural, with each child drawing or crafting his or her favourite creature from under the sea.”

BYU Children’s Book & Media Review

“…This book is not just a fun read but is also a marvelous learning tool, as it also introduces synonyms to young children, counts up to ten, and shows many different sea creatures. Anne-Claire Delisle has the most endearing illustrations. With the bright colors and characters’ goofy smiles, Going for a Sea Bath is a visual feast. This father-daughter adventure is one that will bring giggles to little ones and deserves a permanent place in any library.”

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The Reading Castle

“…The English translation of the French book by Andrée Poulin is almost everything you can hope for in a children’s book. It combines a hilarious father-daughter adventure and a funny counting game, learning about sea life with the colorful, lively illustrations by Anne-Claire Delisle. “Going for a sea bath” makes bathing and learning fun. Can you count the legs in the pool? Which animals have no legs at all? And which have eight? Why do hermit crabs live in empty seashells? “Going for a sea bath” is a book children want to talk about! The question is: What will YOU do to make bath time more interesting?”

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Youth Services Book Reviews

What did you like about the book? In this silly cumulative story, a little girl named Leanne doesn’t want to take a bath. Her Dad comes up with the idea of adding something – “one turtle.” Then he adds “two eels”, “three clown fish,” “four seahorses,” “five shrimps,” “six hermit crabs,” “seven sea urchins,” “eight anemones,” “nine starfish,” and finally, “ten octopi.” The bathtub is so full, that Leanne and her dad run to the ocean and find “A sea bath is the most fun of all!” The illustrations in this Canadian import are full of expression and joy, perfectly matching the storyline. On the final page the reader sees all the sea creatures diving back into the ocean.

Anything you didn’t like about it?  No

To whom would you recommend this book?  This is a wonderful book to add to story times about baths. Pair it with King Bidgood’s In the Bathtub by Audrey Wood, The Pigeon Needs a Bath by Mo Willems and Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea by Jan Peck. It is also a good book to use for counting and practicing math.

Who should buy this book? Public libraries and elementary school libraries.”

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