Finding Moose Reviews

Youth Services Book Review

“A little boy narrates a walk in the woods with his grandpa. They find fresh moose droppings and walk softly in hopes of seeing a moose in person. They hear the call of a chickadee and the hammering of a woodpecker, and see a chipmunk and a beaver, but no moose. Along the way, Grandpa tells the boy the Ojibwemowin words for the animals and plants they find. Finally, just as they get home: “Mooz!”

This is a sweet tale of exploring nature with a grandparent, enriched by the grandfather’s observations and Ojibwemowin words. The boy and his grandfather present as indigenous people, adding to a growing number of children’s books which feature native cultures from around North America. Endpapers have a pictorial glossary, with English, Ojibwemowin and pronunciations.”

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Portland Book Review

“Sue Farrell Holler has written a sweet, quiet story of a grandfather introducing his grandson to the wonders of nature and teaching him the names of flora and fauna in both English and Ojibwemowin. Charming illustrations by Jennifer Faria are painted in gentle, soft colors, and they are filled with plenty of details to keep little eyes on the pages as the story is read to them. This is a lovely story that will become a favorite at reading time.”

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CM Magazine

“The illustrations are serene, detailed, and convey the crisp cold of the forest on this exploratory day. Faria utilizes textures and colour to bring the audience with the grandfather and his grandson as they go on their journey and to illuminate the movement of animals in the forest. Her illustrations also hold a surprise near the end.

Holler’s Finding Moose is an excellent addition to any bookshelf, especially for helping young learners learn a bit of the Ojibwemowin language. Lovers of nature, exploring, and spending time with dear loved ones will enjoy this story – it is a gem for all ages.

Highly Recommended

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CanLit for LittleCanadians

“Finding Moose is as contemplative and instructive as Sue Farrell Holler and Jennifer Faria’s earlier picture book. Sue Farrell Holler gives Grandpa the wisdom of age and experience and the boy that of fascination and connection. Together they experience nature fully but perhaps in different ways. A walk in the woods becomes a sensory adventure without the drama and high-octane action that can be tiresome and ephemeral. Instead, the two walk and look. They are one with each other and the world. That patience and calm is carried with Jennifer Faria’s illustrations. Her acrylic paintings are often reflective of a Woodland Art style (see the flowers in the illustration above), emphasizing line and shape and keeping the story grounded in tranquility and reality. Even her choice of colour expresses that oneness with nature, playing the browns and blues with occasional flashes of red or a shamrock green.”

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“I like children’s books that are both educational and show how wonderful nature is, so I was delighted with Finding Moose written by Sue Farrell Holler and beautifully illustrated by Jennifer Faria.

The story sees a young boy and his grandfather quietly go for a spring walk in the woods where they come across some moose poop on the trail. They look for the moose and find where he ate some branches for breakfast…Children will enjoy this simple story that introduces them to some of their forest neighbours whose names are in both English and Ojibwemowin. Highly recommended.”

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