Dinos Driving Reviews

Kirkus Reviews

“Buckle up, young dino!

Eight species of dinosaurs from across geologic periods are featured, each paired with a type of motor vehicle. The nearly-all white backgrounds keep children’s full attention on the dinosaur and vehicle introduced on each double-page spread. Iguanodon drives an electric vehicle, while Triceratops and their friends prefer motorcycles. Tyrannosaurus Rex drives a monster truck, while Carnotaurus makes a living driving a limousine. Diplodocus drives a bus, while Brachiosaurus dreams of driving a Jeep—but only when she’s old enough to do so. The concept of the book is interesting and gets a big lift from four appended suggestions for caregivers on engaging readers and honing their critical-thinking skills….Young readers who sit firmly in the Venn diagram overlap of dinosaur lovers and car enthusiasts will be thrilled, and with the right guidance, those outside of that overlap will be interested as well. (This book was reviewed digitally.)

Amusing fun from the “Car”-taceous era! (Picture book. 4-6)”

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Publishers Weekly

“Dinosaurs hit the road as Leitch and Ritchie pair eight species with their ideal vehicles… Set against white backgrounds, Ritchie’s cartoonlike pencil, ink, and digital art presents the subjects’ personalities with an anthropomorphized stylishness befitting their vehicle of choice: Velociraptors sit easily in a minicar, while Diplodocus less comfortably occupies a yellow school bus… a playfully tender concluding scene should fuel driving daydreams. Back matter includes facts and discussion prompts.”

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“In a (mostly) four wheeled flight of “What If…” Leitch pairs prehistoric motorists to preferred motor vehicles and Ritchie puts pedal to the metal with windswept views of full sized dinos atop, usually, hilariously tiny cars, motorcycles, or (in the case of T. Rex) a monster truck…Sporting loud, unnatural, vigorously brushed colors the eight drivers prance on foot across a closing spread alongside identifying labels and facts, and the author tacks on a set of extension activities”

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School Library Journal

“There is a page of facts about dinosaurs at the end of the book and a list of questions prompting creative thinking about dinosaurs and vehicles.”

Children’s Literature

“Lively dinosaurs and colorful vehicles collide, combining two preschooler-popular topics in one playful story with the imaginings of “dinos driving.” Bright, exciting illustrations on the contrasting white background will catch the attention of toddlers through school-age children; and large, multicolored text appeals to beginning readers….Bolded dinosaur names and vehicle terms aid in word recognition, and the end-of-reading picture glossary is a useful tool for a young audience. The closing page offers activity suggestions to expand children’s critical-thinking skills….Whether read aloud by an adult at home, shared by a teacher in the classroom, or selected as an independent reading choice, the title has vast appeal and will fascinate children and adults alike….Reviewer Rating: 5”

Youth Services Book Review

“Cute and cuddly dinosaurs drive a variety of vehicles, with each illustration loosely tied to an attribute of the extinct animal…The very attractive pen-and-ink drawings filled with digital color look like watercolor and the bold, irregular font changes color to match both the dinosaurs and the vehicles. I definitely liked the clean, spare, and stylish look of the book, with its boldly colored illustrations on mostly white pages. A short afterward shows pictures of the creatures and clarifies the attribute that led to their vehicle assignment. Also included: a list of interactive questions for adult readers to use with their children.”

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YA Books Central 

“Each page introduces a species of dinosaurs, such as velociraptor or brachiosaurus, and states what kind of car they would drive…I recommend this book to parents or teachers of young children in the age 3-8 range who enjoy dinosaurs and are beginning to explore repetitive beginner books with increasing independence. Overall rating 4.5″

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CM Magazine

“Scot Ritchie…has contributed his signature illustrations to bolster this…picture book written by first-time author Lynn Leitch. Spread by spread, one brightly-coloured dinosaur after another can be seen steering some kind of motor vehicle across the viewer’s horizon…The author has ended the book with a page directed at parents and care-givers with ideas for expanding on the use of the book through discussion and activities. Ritchie’s illustrations are definitely the star here. Dinos Driving would be an entertaining addition to picture book collections for young ones interested in both dinosaurs and things that go. Recommended

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Storytime with Stephanie

“I love the opportunity for critical and creative thinking involved in Dinos Driving…Lynn Leitch pairs a few different dinosaurs with their ideal vehicles…It’s a really cute story that dinosaur enthusiasts will love.

Throughout the book, readers have an opportunity to look at each dinosaur and their chosen preferred vehicle and make inferences as to why each dinosaur had chosen each particular vehicle. This allows readers to use their critical thinking skills and also provides the opportunity to extend the thinking to other dinosaurs not included in the book…There is also a handy parent’s guide at the end to help extend the story beyond the preschool years…Scot Ritchie’s illustrations are whimsical and fun. I love the movement on each page, signaling which dinosaurs like to go fast and which prefer a slower pace. Children will have a good laugh seeing how the different dinosaurs navigate driving their vehicles.”

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Kids Book Buzz

“I like that I can read the book by myself, and I like looking at the pictures on each page because they are bright and colorful. The book is silly because we know that most dinosaurs couldn’t even fit into cars, but fun to read about anyways! This story would be a good one for little kids to enjoy or people of any age who really like dinosaurs!

Reviewed By: Lydia – age 8”

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“Velociraptor, Iguanodon, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Bradchiourus ( and more )  all weigh in the kind of vehicle that they want to drive.  The illustrations animate the text and tickle kid’s imaginations.  The book is enriched with preschool- friendly facts and activities.  Eight dino-mite dinosaurs will take you on a ride of your life.  I love the whole exciting vibe of the book and I highly recommend it.”

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Book Time

“If your favourite dinosaur drives a vehicle, what kind would it drive? In this picture book, author Lynn Leitch answers just that question: Velociraptor drives a mini car, while Tyrannosaurus Rex drives a monster truck (really, what else would he drive?)….I love the illustrations by Scot Ritchie.”

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The International Educator

“[A] wild ride that will be especially exciting for little ones who like dinosaurs and cars….A fun book to share out loud.”

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Luminous Libro

5 out of 5 stars….This is such a fun book! It’s cool to imagine what the dinosaurs would drive based on their size and the characteristics we know about them. I like that the text is simple, but it really sparks your imagination!

The illustrations are adorable, and I loved the cute designs for each dinosaur character….Every page has something new and interesting!”

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