A World of Kindness Reviews

Kirkus Reviews

“Inspiration for acts of kindness, with illustrations from several artists….In a meta act of kindness, royalties from the proceeds from the book will support a nonprofit group, Think Kindness. A tool to spur kindness conversations…”

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ILA Literacy Daily, “Conflict: Awareness, Understanding, and Resolution”

“A quick glance at a newspaper or social media reveals that conflict is everywhere–within families, in the workplace, and among nations. It’s clear that the world would be a better place if we approached one another with empathy and kindness.….

The child-friendly questions posed and the scenarios depicted provide food for thought and discussion about the importance of taking action. Ultimately, young readers may realize that kindness starts with one small act, rippling outward to touch others and improve the world.”

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“Rating: E

Nine children’s authors and illustrators have come together to answer the question, “Are you kind?” Their illustrations show children and animals answering that question through their actions….

Every page of this book has a unique style of artwork. Realistic, cartoon, mixed media, plasticine, and pen and ink. The settings and children featured in each scene reflect a diversity of cultures….Every child (and parent) could benefit from this book.
—Tanya Boudreau

Manhattan Book Review

“We rated this book: 4.5/5…

The book gently nudges young children to be considerate of others in their actions…the illustrations are quite lovely, and they come in a range of styles using a variety of mediums, from clay to chalk to the aforementioned paper cut-outs. I appreciate the book’s simple approach to a concept that can be somewhat amorphous. The questions and illustrations give kids concrete examples of what kindness can look like and encourage them to pause to consider their own actions and the effect they have on others. All that together with the fact that the book’s proceeds benefit a good cause make this one not to miss.”
—Danielle McManus

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CM Magazine

A World of Kindness, the new collaboratively created picture book produced by the editors and illustrators of Pajama Press, offers young children aged two through five a simple introduction to the concept of kindness….

The real strength of A World of Kindness is its art….each illustration in its own way and style authentically highlights the joy of kindness….

Kindergarten teachers will find that A World of Kindness makes a lovely companion to now-classic picture books on kindness such as Have You Filled a Bucket Today?”
—Michelle Superle

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Youth Services Book Review

“This modest book is a fabulous introduction to kindness and an excellent conversation starter at the beginning of a school year. Regardless of age, color, what we look like or who we are, this book models what kindness looks like for all living creatures. Teaching good manners, accepting differences, talking about making others feel good are all exemplified here in simple text with vivid gentle pictures.”
Sandy Kelly

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Midwest Book Review

“Kids receive a fine primer on how simple acts of kindness towards each other make a difference not only in the lives of strangers and acquaintances; but in the world around them….Very simple concepts and lovely drawings excel in clarifying the concept and various ways it can empower a child, in particular, in a highly recommended survey all collections should have.”

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Canadian Children’s Book News

“How can a child make the world a better place? A series of simple, yet meaningful, questions, posed by the editors of Pajama Press, ask children how they can demonstrate empathy and kindness toward others. Questions such as ‘Will you help someone younger…or older?’, ‘Will you be a friend to someone new?’ or ‘Are you gentle with animals big…and small?’ serve to open up meaningful discussions about how children can make a positive difference as they interact with others, whether they be human or animal.”
—Senta Ross

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Our Windsor

A World of Kindness is a nicely illustrated picture book that shows children how they can be kind to others….A World of Kindness is aimed at children 3 – 6 years old, but the message it contains is for everyone.”

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Pickle Me This

“In a note inside the book, Pajama Press Publisher Gail Winskill writes that the idea for the book was born when her three-year-old granddaughter asked her one day, ‘Nana, how can I be kind?’….Each page features art by Pajama Press’s acclaimed illustrators, some from previous books and others original (and my children were excited to see illustrations from books they’ve loved before!). Being gentle with animals, saying please and thank you, helping shy friends join in, watching over those who need it.

The ideas are simple, but they’re also transformative and profound, and the depth and diversity of illustrations on this book provide another layer of richness, making A World of Kindness a deeply meaningful read. Even better: royalties from the book will be donated to Think Kindness.”

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CanLit for LittleCanadians

“The text of A World of Kindness is endearing and straightforward, and will work well with young preschoolers and children in primary grades. But it’s the illustrations, some from already published works and some original art, that will carry the message. Children will see kindness in the hugs, the sharing, and the love that seasons these pages….

A World of Kindness will undoubtedly be used as a tool for teaching and instilling kindness, especially as Pajama Press has provided a downloadable poster (https://pajamapress.ca/resource/a_world_of_kindness_extra_content/) and teaching guide (https://pajamapress.ca/resource/a_world_of_kindness_teaching_guides/) on its website….[A]t its heart, A World of Kindness is a compendium of beautiful messages in words and art to help make our world, starting with our youngest readers, a place of graciousness and goodwill. With such benevolence, this picture book will triumph with purpose.”

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Oregon Coast Youth Book Preview Center

Verdict: This is a simple introduction to kindness and gives children concrete examples of how they can show kindness to others. I highly recommend this beautifully illustrated book. I will be using it in my character education class. It is a valuable book for elementary school classrooms.”
—Tami Harris

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Teachers Books Readers

A World of Kindness From the Editors & Illustrators of Pajama Press is a beautiful book with simple text that reminds us all how easy it is to be kind….

Another interesting note is each page features the artwork of a different illustrator. Students enjoyed the variety and spent time analyzing the illustrations….As a mentor text, A World of Kindness provides an example of using questions to write about a subject you’ve researched.”
—Laurie Ryan

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Brigham Young University Children’s Book & Media Review

“This book illustrates small acts of kindness such as sharing a bike with another, petting a cat, or even just saying please and thank you. With each page illustrated by a different artist, the reader can enjoy many different ways of looking at the world, and this subtly shows how each person is unique as they share a kind act. Each page tells a story of kindness that can spark conversation for young readers about how they can show kindness in their own lives.”

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Sal’s Fiction Addiction

“I think we can all use inspiration for kindness every day in every way. So, the people at Pajama Press have created this book to inspire kindness when talking with children….

The questions are asked of young readers, and the illustrations inspire quiet conversation about the many ways we can show kindness to others. Nine artists are included, in artwork already published or pieces specifically created for this book. They show young readers some of the many ways they can be kind and helpful.”

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Fab Book Reviews

“[T]his picture book is more attuned to making its simple, important, strong messages/sentiments known, and thus would likely function well in preschool or elementary classrooms for further discussion and exploration. The themes in A World of Kindness also allow for the book to be effectively paired and examined with similarly-themed picture books such as David Ezra Stein’s The Nice Book, Pat Zietlow Miller and Jen Hill’s Be Kind, or All Are Welcome by Alexandra Penfold and Suzanne Kaufman….Extras: There is a downloadable poster available through the Pajama Press website.”

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Canadian Bookworm

“This book raises funds for Think Kindness and illustrates what kindness looks like….The pictures are well chosen to convey the actions, and show diversity. A great addition to any collection.”

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Book Time

“Each page is drawn by a different Pajama Press illustrator. I enjoyed flipping through the pages and recognizing the style of each illustrator….The messages, which include being kind to animals, helping those younger than you and saying sorry when you are wrong, makes it a cute and beautiful book.”

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That’s Another Story

“I’m always on the lookout for new ways to talk about kindness with my students. This book is perfect for starting a discussion….

My Thoughts as a Writer:

Such a simple text yet so effective! It’s really a list of ways to be kind, written as a series of questions. Put together with these lovely illustrations, the text does make me think.

My Thoughts as an Educator:

This is a perfect book for reading aloud. After an initial read through, educators could talk about one page a day and have a wonderful discussion. It’s also a great book for studying different styles of illustration and what makes them effective. Or to think about how the illustration relates to the text. I also really love the cover. I definitely want this one for my personal collection!”

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