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Hoogie in the Middle is Highly Recommended—CM Magazine

Posted on May 17th, 2013 by pajamapress

“Stephanie McLellan, who has received numerous awards and nominations for her previous books, has created a charming text…Dean Griffiths, the prolific and popular award-winning illustrator of over twenty-five picture books, has provided readers with flamboyant full-page depictions of purple, green and blue monsters. The vigor and color are compelling, but it is the details that fascinate. Facial expressions and body language capture the confidence and joie-de-vivre of Pumpkin, the cuteness of Tweezle, and the angst of Hoogie. Both the humor and perceptiveness are endearing.

Hoogie in the Middle would make a great read-aloud for children aged three-seven, either in a group or individually. Middle siblings and monster lovers are among those who will especially relate to Hoogie.

Highly Recommended.”

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