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Cocoa Magic Teaching Guides

Posted on December 1st, 2022 by pajamapress

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Dinos Driving Teaching Guides

Posted on November 8th, 2022 by pajamapress

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Let's Add Up! Teaching Guides

Posted on November 8th, 2022 by pajamapress

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If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It: How 25 inspiring individuals found their dream jobs Teaching Guides

Posted on November 8th, 2022 by pajamapress

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Ballewiena Teaching Guide

Posted on October 12th, 2022 by pajamapress

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Dinos Driving Interviews

Posted on September 13th, 2022 by pajamapress

Lynn Leitch and Scot Ritchie Present Dinos Driving.

Bear Has a Belly Interviews

Posted on September 13th, 2022 by pajamapress

Jane Whittingham presents Bear Has a Belly.

Berani Interviews

Posted on August 16th, 2022 by pajamapress

CBC Books Interview with Michelle Kadarusman

Quill & Quire Michelle Kadarusman Author Profile

Open Book Interview with Michelle Kadarusman

Michelle Kadarusman Presents Berani:

Books + Publishing “Michelle Kadarusman on ‘Berani'”

[Angela Crocombe:] You write Berani in three voices, one of which was the voice of the orangutan, Ginger Juice. How did you research and find the voice of an orangutan to make it sound authentic?

[Michelle Kadarusman:] I’m fortunate to have a good friend, a primatologist, who studied orangutans in Borneo. The work of Leif Cocks, the founder of The Orangutan Project, was also extremely helpful. All of my research pointed to the fact that orangutans and humans are so similar that an orangutan kept in longterm captivity would display the same kind of mental, physical and emotion deterioration that you would find in humans. This is a disturbing fact considering our habit of keeping apes in captivity and one that I wanted to try and communicate by having Ginger Juice’s voice heard from her cage. It was a bit of a creative leap for me and I changed her chapters more than any others when writing the manuscript. I also worked hard with my editor to help develop the tone. Ultimately, I hope her passages would allow readers to build empathy for her plight.

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While You Sleep Reviews

Posted on August 12th, 2022 by pajamapress

Kirkus Starred Review

“A peek into the busy Land of Nod….Maruno narrates in flawless and immersive rhyming verse….Sato uses materials such as silk, paper, and textiles to infuse each spread with tangible, three-dimensional textures and depth. Readers will linger over each tiny, essential detail—nothing is extraneous….Like the materials on many of the spreads, the text and art are expertly stitched together, each visible and impactful on their own and interwoven into a bewitching whole. A perfect bedtime selection for eye-catching, vibrantly colorful dreams.”

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School Library Journal

“This lovely picture book shows what one parent tells her little one as she’s going to sleep. The text is written in peaceful rhyming couplets, while warmly colored collage illustrations show the tidying up that goes on while people rest….It’s a cozy, positive bedtime story sure to please parents and children alike….A comforting story for kids who wonder what they’re missing by going to bed.”

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Publishers Weekly

“In rhyming couplets, a caregiver encourages a child…to embrace bedtime so that a crew of bunny helpmeets can begin their work tidying up the world. As a child’s caregiver turns off the light and offers a bedtime kiss, lines describe the “chores,”…being completed by toy stuffed rabbits come to life: “Comb the grass, straighten the trees,/ Place a dot on the black-eyed peas.” Other imagery draws heavily on sewing metaphors, aligning with Sato’s collaged illustrations, which rely on paper, textiles, and embroidery silk: when “the woven night of black and gray” is described as being “embroidered with a Milky Way,” the child is shown yawning beneath an inky knit blanket and a purple embroidered sky. Throughout, the textured scenes remix details from the child’s waking life into suitably snuggly dreamscapes.”

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Foreword Reviews

“Rhyming couplets create a whimsical melody while the collage art illustrations will captivate children with their colorful layers and textures—until they drift off to sleep to dream of the brand new world they’ll wake up to.

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Manhattan Book Review

“Author Jennifer Maruno has tapped into childhood imagination to find this cute story of what youngsters might dream of happening while they sleep. She has written it in rhyming couplets, which little ones will like. The illustrations by Miki Sato are simply stunning. She uses a combination of drawing and collage to create wonderful illustrations that have the look of three-dimensional art. The little night-helpers really come to life with this method. She fills the backgrounds with terrific details to keep little eyes busy and engaged.”

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Children’s Literature

The power of storytelling and its transcendence into the world of dreams are at the center of this enchanting story….Through gifted word play, Maruno transforms what many parents and caregivers experience as a difficult task—that of getting a child in bed—into a delightful journey. Maruno has created a tale that feels like a love letter, or a poem, from a parent to a child. Any child will love listening to this as they get lost and travel away with it in their sleep. Sato’s magnificent collage-based illustrations are filled with color, texture, complexity, and feeling. The combination of text and art make this book one that should not be missed. This is a story that takes all readers into a world of wonder and inspiration, and it is a memorable book that leaves a lasting impression while conveying the meaning of love, along with the power of the imagination and bedtime stories. Needless to say, this is the perfect bedtime read and a must-have book!…Reviewer Rating: 5”

CM Magazine

While You Sleep was the most beautiful picture book I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing this year. Miki Sato’s illustrations pull you in and along as three little bunnies take readers through their nightly care routine. The cut paper and mixed media collages evoke a snoozy watercolored world where these stuffed rabbits mend clouds, charge rainbows and weave night….The premise of this sweet book is simply that, as a child sleeps, her three stuffed rabbits magically take care of the world. It is a fanciful little story that children will likely find peaceful and interesting in equal measure….Maruno’s story feels respectful to the young child’s developing imagination….Highly Recommended”

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Book Time

“Of the three picture books I read this week, While You Sleep might be my favourite….The collage art by illustrator Miki Sato brings the story to life. I love how she uses not only paper, but also textiles and embroidery silk to create such beautiful pages. Each double page spread is a piece of art and brings the story to life….If you are a parent who reads the same story on repeat, you’ll enjoy this one as Sato creates pages with so much to look at.”

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Storytime with Stephanie

“Are you looking for a new book to settle your little reader into a blissful sleep? Jennifer Maruno and Miki Sato have come together in their dreamy new bedtime story While You Sleep that is sure to spark restful nights and good dreams….Maruno’s lyrical, rhyming text ebbs and flows from page to page without missing a beat. While You Sleep has the qualities of the great classic bedtime stories like Goodnight Moon and Guess How Much I Love You….Maruno creates a sense of security and calm with her words Readers cannot help but have good dreams while drifting off to thoughts of flowers being painted and butterfly wings being dusted….Miki Sato’s collage style illustrations are a perfect complement to Jennifer Maruno’s text. The illustrations are soft and cuddly, soothing and comforting enveloping readers in a warm cozy visual blanket.”

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The International Educator

“[A] gentle bedtime story by Jennifer Maruno with glorious art by Miki Sato. Collage of fabrics, weavings, cotton balls, colourful paper and more create gorgeous images of a child being tucked in bed for the night while the world is being dusted and swept for a new day….A reassuring story for little ones.”

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Luminous Libro

5 out of 5 stars….This beautiful book is enchanting! The story sweeps you away into a magical land of dreams as the bunnies stitch up the clouds, polish the sun, and embroider the Milky Way with stars.

The collage art is absolutely stunning! I had to stop and stare at each page, looking for all the little details of stitching and beadwork and fabric and watercolors….Miki Sato, is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists….Something about this art is so gentle; perfect for a bedtime book.”

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The U-nique Lou Fox Interview

Posted on August 9th, 2022 by pajamapress