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ASLC Litpicks says “Bass does an excellent job of uncovering the layers of many complex emotions” in Uncertain Soldier

Posted on December 6th, 2018 by pajamapress

Cover: Uncertain Soldier Author: Karen Bass Publisher: Pajama PressASLC Litpicks

Bass does an excellent job of uncovering the layers of many complex emotions: – prejudice toward German prisoners expressed by Canadians at home who had relatives fighting in Europe; – the bullying and hatred experienced by many families and school children who had been born in Canada but were of German heritage; – the emotions of young German soldiers who may have been conscripted to serve their country, but were not necessarily supportive of the Nazi regime….

Mature junior high readers, and senior high students will identify with Bass’s strong male characters whose loyalties are tested and with the complex friendships that develop as the plot unfolds….”

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“Bass uses evocative metaphors, and exquisite descriptive prose…” ALSC LitPicks says of The Hill

Posted on November 12th, 2018 by pajamapress

ALSC LitPicks

“Based on the ancient Cree legend of Wihtiko, The Hill, by Alberta author, Karen Bass, is both a quest on several levels and a story of survival in a supernatural world…Beyond the obvious plot of escape, and their terrifying encounters with Wihtiko, is the underlying theme of racial tension as both boys try to understand the other’s point of view. Both boys make comments that show their prejudices and intolerance, but eventually overcome these differences, when they realize that they must work together to develop an escape plan. In the process, they develop a friendship grounded in mutual respect for their individuality and their differences.

Bass uses evocative metaphors, and exquisite descriptive prose to establish a strong sense of place; short simple sentences heighten the sense of terror and suspense; her characters are well-developed through realistic dialogue and actions. Tolerance, respect, loyalty, and spirituality are themes for students to explore in this Young Adult novel.”
­—Linda MacDougall

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Brigham Young University calls The Hill “riveting…”

Posted on November 12th, 2018 by pajamapress

Brigham Young University, Children’s Book & Media Reviews

“Bass tells a riveting story of survival and friendship, staying true to the real Cree legend that has been passed down for generations. The story builds a moral message of not judging others or jumping to conclusions about them as Kyle and Jared work together and learn more about the other. The protagonists were able to form a true friendship that genuinely benefited the other as they passed through their experiences together. Bass does a wonderful job of setting the scene for the novel and describing the landscape, particularly the forest. The author also adds an educational value to the book by demonstrating basic survival skills such as having water, knowing the landscape, and avoiding harmful plants while utilizing helpful ones. Overall, a wonderful story for anyone looking for a thrill and to learn something new.”

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Two Times a Traitor is a Junior Library Guild Selection

Posted on March 9th, 2017 by pajamapress

twotimesatraitor_websitePajama Press is thrilled to announce that Two Times a Traitor by Karen Bass is a Junior Library Guild 2017 selection.

The Junior Library Guild “is a book review and collection development service helping thousands of school and public libraries acquire the best new children’s and young adult books, saving them both time and money….Our services help librarians with collection development and our members trust us to put only the best books into the hands of their eager young readers.” For more information, please visit the Junior Library Guild website.

Pajama Press extends our congratulations to Karen Bass. Our sincerest thanks go to the Junior Library Guild for promoting reading through this outstanding program.

Pajama Press at the INSPIRE Toronto International Book Fair

Posted on November 10th, 2014 by pajamapress

pjs_Square_sm_RGBThe Toronto International Book Fair takes place this week from Thursday, November 13th to Sunday, November 16th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (North Building). It will be an exciting show with presentations, workshops, book signings, and a marketplace (think Christmas shopping!). Tickets are available at Pajama Press will be exhibiting at the Discovery Pavilion. We hope to see you there!

See our participating authors and illustrators at the following times:

Friday, November 14th

10:00                    Marsha Skrypuch | OLA location | “Children & Youth” event

11:00–11:30         Rob Laidlaw | Discovery Pavilion | Book signing

4:30–5:00            Marsha Skrypuch | TD Children’s Stage | OLA “Love to Read! How Reading Programs Lead to Success” | Followed by book signing

4:00                      Deborah Ellis | Discovery Pavilion | Book Signing

5:00–6:00           Deborah Ellis | TD Children’s Stage | “Read to Remember” panel discussion | Followed by book signing

Saturday, November 15th

10:30–11:00       Margriet Ruurs | Discovery Pavilion | Book signing

11:00–11:30        Stephanie McLellan | Discovery Pavilion | Book signing

11:30–12:00       Marsha Skrypuch | Discovery Pavilion | Book signing

1:30–2:00           Karen Bass | Discovery Pavilion | Book signing

3:00–3:30          Marsha Skrypuch | TD Children’s Stage| OLA “Love to Read! How Reading Programs Lead to Success”

Sunday, November 16th

1:30–2:00           Sylvia McNicoll | Discovery Pavilion | Book signing

2:00–3:00          Karen Bass | TD Children’s Stage | 2014 CCBC Book Award Winners Showcase

3:00–4:00          Sylvia McNicoll | Amy’s Marathon of Books