Snow Days

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Snow Days

By Deborah Kerbel
Illustrated by Miki Sato
Picture Book Ages 1–5
ISBN: 978-1-77278-135-9 HC | 978-1-77278-220-2 BB
List Price: $19.95 CAD / $17.95 USD HC | $13.95 CAD / $10.95 USD BB
Toddler Tough Hardcover features a padded cover, rounded corners, extra-heavy cardstock pages, and a reinforced trade binding
Trim size: 9 x 8 / 22.86 x 20.32 cm
Pages: 24
Publication Date: November 10, 2020

Board Book
8 x 7 inches / 20.32 x 17.78 cm
Pages: 22 + cover
Publication Date: October 19, 2021

Distributed in the U.S. by Ingram Publisher Services

Rights Available: World ex. North America

Sparkling rhyme and unique collage illustrations celebrate all the activities snow makes possible for preschoolers and all the emotions it inspires

First snow, surprise snow:
Nature’s sparkly magic show 

For small children, snow is a wonder. It sparkles and glitters. It transforms the outside world. Every kind of snow brings its own magic. It invites snow angels, skating, fort-building, and snowballs. Even blizzard days are exciting, when routines are overturned and everyone bands together to clear the snow away. For the youngest among us, winter is magical.

In Snow Days, author Deborah Kerbel captures that magic with nimble couplets that celebrate every kind of winter pleasure. Illustrator Miki Sato’s fascinating textural collage art looks intimately touchable. She recreates the coziness and spectacle of the season in paper, felt, and embroidery silk, creating masterpieces that invite readers to look again and again.

Awards and Honours:
2020 IBBY Canada Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Canadian Picture Book Award Finalist
2020 Northern Lights Book Award: Board Book Category Winner
2021 CCBC Spring Best Books for Kids & Teens selection
A CBC BooksThe best Canadian picture books of 2020” selection
An Open Book Beyond the Claus: Winter & Holiday Reading Recommendations That Go Beyond Just Christmas” selection

“Kerbel’s couplets include both concrete details and more poetic abstractions. Sato’s deceptively simple illustrations are almost tangible in their layers, showcasing an array of stitches, paper finishes, and fabric surfaces, and depicting an inclusive cast.”—Publishers Weekly

“The colorful collage illustrations strongly utilize texture to create depth and visual interest. The materials used to create the outerwear and accessories are especially realistic and invite closer inspection….A playful celebration of wintry weather.”—Kirkus Reviews

Snow Days walks through the magic of winter in charming rhyming couplets. Meticulous paper and fabric cutouts form illustrations that seem to leap off of the page…”—Foreword Reviews

“The text is poetic but accessible, and compact without feeling hasty. It affirms the experiences of young winter veterans, while also being instructional for little newcomers…Sato uses paper and fabric collage for the illustrations, creating a striking juxtaposition between the textures of snow (mostly paper) and winter clothes (mostly fabric).”—Quill & Quire

“The book, itself, is designed with thick pages, rounded corners and a padded cover, is perfect for little hands. Kerbel’s rhyming text in Snow Days is paired with Sato’s three-dimensional illustrations that were created from a variety of materials and textures and which seem real enough to touch. Young readers will become excited for the first snow of the year with this delightful story. Highly Recommended.”—CM Magazine

Snow Days is a fun picture book that will have young children looking forward to this exciting time.”—Postmedia

“Miki Sato’s three-dimensional illustrations, created with cut-paper collage, reflects Deborah Kerbel’s textured text, making us feel the iciness of packed snow and the dampness of mittens, amidst the piles of different snows….[E]njoy Deborah Kerbel and Miki Sato’s exploration in words and art and even consider the handful of experiments for very young children suggested at the end.”—CanLit for LittleCanadians

“With Miki Sato’s gorgeous and cheerful multi-textured, paper collage images and Deborah Kerbel’s precise and lively rhythmic couplets, Snow Days is a snuggly, bouncy and softly reflective reading experience–and one that is truly perfect for reading aloud. Additionally, at the book’s end, five simple science experiment involving snow are offered–just right for any potential snow days ahead!”—Fab Book Reviews

“This delightful picture book looks at all the different kinds of snow and the things that one can do with it, in it and because of it….Sato’s illustrations, using paper and fabric in collage, add a lovely dimension to the book. The book closes with five fun activities you can undertake with your child to further explore the world and wonder of snow.”—Canadian Bookworm

“The illustrations have a stunning depth to them and are layered and detailed papercraft creations…”—Kids Books I Didn’t Hate

“The collage art style is absolutely phenomenal. The artist, Miki Sato, is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists…I was so delighted with the polished style of this story. The text flows along naturally, and is a delight to read out loud!”—Luminous Libro

“Written in rhyming couplets, the book contains beautiful collages of snowflakes that invite readers to pause and enjoy the season.”—Book Riot