Music for Tigers

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Music for Tigers

By Michelle Kadarusman
Juvenile Fiction for Ages 8–12
ISBN: 978-1-77278-054-3 HC | 978-1-77278-189-2 PB | 978-1-77278-163-2 EPUB
List Price: $22.95 CAD / $17.95 USD HC | $15.95 CAD / $13.95 USD PB | $14.95 CAD / $14.95 USD EPUB
Hardcover with dust jacket & reinforced trade binding | EPUB 3.2
Trim size: 5.5 x 8 in / 13.97 x 20.32 cm
Pages: 224

Publication date: April 28, 2020

Paperback with French flaps
Trim size: 5.5 x 8 in / 13.97 x 20.32 cm
Pages: 224

Publication date: March 30, 2021

Distributed in the U.S. by Ingram Publisher Services

Rights Available: World ex. North America

From Governor General’s Literary Award finalist Michelle Kadarusman comes a novel about a young violinist who discovers her mother’s family secretly harbor a sanctuary for extinct Tasmanian tigers in the remote Australian rainforest

Shipped halfway around the world to spend the summer with her mom’s eccentric Australian relatives, middle schooler and passionate violinist Louisa is prepared to be resentful. But life at the family’s remote camp in the Tasmanian rainforest is intriguing, to say the least. There are pig-footed bandicoots, scary spiders, weird noises and odors in the night, and a quirky boy named Colin who cooks the most amazing meals. Not the least strange is her Uncle Ruff, with his unusual pet and veiled hints about something named Convict Rock.

Finally, Louisa learns the truth: Convict Rock is a sanctuary established by her great-grandmother Eleanor—a sanctuary for Tasmanian tigers, Australia’s huge marsupials that were famously hunted into extinction almost a hundred years ago. Or so the world believes. Hidden in the rainforest at Convict Rock, one tiger remains. But now the sanctuary is threatened by a mining operation, and the last Tasmanian tiger must be lured deeper into the forest. The problem is, not since her great-grandmother has a member of the family been able to earn the shy tigers’ trust.

As the summer progresses, Louisa forges unexpected connections with Colin, with the forest, and—through Eleanor’s journal—with her great-grandmother. She begins to suspect the key to saving the tiger is her very own music. But will her plan work? Or will the enigmatic Tasmanian tiger disappear once again, this time forever?

From Michelle Kadarusman, author of The Theory of Hummingbirds and Girl of the Southern Sea, comes a moving coming-of-age story wrapped up in the moss, leaves, and blue gums of the Tasmanian rainforest where, hidden under giant ferns, crouches its most beloved, and lost, creature.

Awards and Honours:
2022 MYRCA Sundogs Award nominee
2022 Rocky Mountain Book Award Runner-up
2021 USBBY Outstanding International Book!
2021 White Raven Selection
2020 Washington Post KidsPost Summer Book Club selection2021-2022 Cypress Fairbanks ISD Horned Toad Tales shortlist
2021 Green Earth Book Award Honor Book
2021 Forest of Reading Silver Birch Fiction Award honour book
2020 Northern Lights Book Award: Middle-Grade Multicultural Category Winner
2022-2023 Lectio Book Award Nominee
2023 Nevada Young Readers’ Award Nominee
2020 Kirkus Reviews Best Middle Grade Book of the Year
CBC Books The best Canadian YA and middle-grade books of 2020” selection
2020 Quill & Quire Books of the Year: Books for Young People Honourable Mention
2020 CCBC Best Books for Kids & Teens selection
2020 Junior Library Guild selection
2020 OLA Best Bets List selection
2020 CBC Books “12 middle-grade and YA books to read this summer” selection
2021 Hamilton Review of Books’ Independently Published Bestseller List: October, Kids #1

★ “Kadarusman masterfully creates a lush, magical world where issues associated with conservation, neurodiversity, and history intersect in surprising and authentic ways….Crucially, the author acknowledges the original, Indigenous inhabitants of the land as experts…A beautiful conservation story told in a rich setting and peopled with memorable characters.”—Kirkus Reviews Starred Review

★ “Incorporating themes of diversity and environmental preservation into her adventure, Kadarusman (Girl of the Southern Sea) creates a story straight out of adolescent daydreams….Compassionate and endearing, Music for Tigers hits all the right notes.”—Shelf Awareness ★ Starred Review

★ “A stirring tale that will inspire young readers to take to heart our collective responsibility as stewards of the planet, Music for Tigers is a coming-of-age story with a conservation twist.”—Foreword Reviews ★ Starred Review

★ “In her third outstanding middle-grade novel – after Theory of Hummingbirds and Girl of the Southern Sea – Kadarusman continues to be a clear, insightful, and humourous guide to unfamiliar experiences and settings, and in this case species. She’s unearthed the fascinating history of an extinct animal and entwined it with a heartfelt story of a dedicated family whose good deeds have run up against the ever-encroaching, commerce-driven modern world.”—Quill & Quire ★ Starred Review

“Throughout Music for Tigers, Kadarusman provides interesting information about Tasmania’s Tarkine rainforest, its original human inhabitants and the variety of wildlife that has lived there, before and after European settlers destroyed a way of life.”—Washington Post KidsPost

“Author Michelle Kadarusman deftly incorporates Australian history into this middle-grade book that reads like a love letter to the unique flora and fauna of the Tasmanian Tarkine….Music for Tigers is perfect for young readers interested in ecology and preservation.”—Booklist

“A well-told and timely story, which gently but firmly addresses topics such as environmental impact, endangered species, neurodiversity, friendship, bullying, and being your best self….A solid choice for middle grade collections providing a balanced and comprehensible voice to the environmental discussion for young people.”—School Library Journal

“Michelle Kadarusman engages young readers with a carefully laid trail of compelling tidbits….This is a book about the wonders of nature, the importance of conservation supported by indigenous connections to the land, and the need for persistence in the face of adversity.”—Canadian Children’s Book News

“A good story in an unusual setting. Written for readers 8-12 years of age, especially animal lovers.”—Winnipeg Free Press

“Verdict: Students who enjoy nature stories, especially those who are interested in cryptid species, will enjoy this book….This character and setting driven plot appeals on many levels and introduces a setting not well represented in children’s books in the United States. I recommend it for middle school and public libraries.”—Oregon Coast Youth Book Preview Center

“[P]rovides an uncommon but insightful blending of science and art….[A] fun, engaging read for middle grade children, one that will appeal to many different readers because of its diverse themes and subjects. Louisa’s relationships with Colin and Rufus are delightful to read, and the novel covers important topics with delicacy and grace. Music for Tigers is a heartwarming story of personal growth and friendship that will draw readers in with its charm. Highly Recommended.”—CM Magazine

“Conjuring up a lush rainforest-y world that radiates an almost magical atmosphere, the author successfully combines historical facts with an engaging tale about topical issues, such as the threat to the Australian flora and fauna by mining and logging companies.”—The White Ravens

“A vividly descriptive Middle-Grade work with an ecological focus—enriched by elements of music, friendship, and atypical neurology….I would readily recommend this for young contemporary fiction and nature lovers. There’s some great potential here for building empathy, educating on species extinction, and expanding familiarity with neurological diversity—all while steeping readers in the atmosphere of an incredibly unique biome.”—YA Books Central

“There is art within the pages of Music for Tigers….Music for Tigers is a statement, albeit a songful one, of our impact on the natural world for our own purposes, destroying critical habitats and species. It implores us to step up and put conservation and preservation measures in place…”—CanLit for LittleCanadians

“Michelle Kadarusman’s Music for Tigers is a beautiful novel that is a captivating read. It weaves in themes of animal stewardship, environmental protection, family, and friendship into one heartwarming book.”Elizabeth Cook, CanLit for LittleCanadians guest reviewer

“This captivating story is full of heart, hope, music, and science….Music for Tigers is a special coming-of-age story that pays homage to Tasmanian aboriginal people, nature, and the magnificent beings with whom we share the earth.”—Christina Ammirati

“Kadarusman weaves beautifully themes and issues such as environmental fragility and protection, understanding and respecting neurodiversity differences, reverence for family and history and more into an engaging and at times suspenseful storyline….Music For Tigers is uniquely good and genuine, truly ‘fair dinkum’…!”—Book Gaga

Music for Tigers completely captivated me from the very first pages. It was full of lovely and diverse characters, adventure, mystery, messages of conservation, and so much heart! A truly beautiful combination!”—Homeschool by the Beach

“Michelle Kadarusman has captured the essence and detail of the Australian bush in every word and detail of the story. Her magnificent writing makes it easy to imagine the imagery of the Talkine rainforests.”—Kids’ Book Review

“Nature, preserving wildlife and family are the key ingredients across the book that are woven together in short chapters. The book flowed effortlessly and Kadarusman is a wonderful writer.”—Blue Fairy Tales

“Kadarusman has woven a story with beautiful use of language that captivates from the first sentence… Music for Tigers contains something very special: the magic of a story well told, that not only demands to be read from cover to cover, but ensures the gently presented messages wrapped within the text remain in the memory for a long time.”—Blue Wolf Reviews

“[Kadarusman’s] style of writing and her unique three dimensional characters allowed the plot to flow effortlessly. I highly recommend picking up any of the author’s other books.”—bookishuniversee

“[Music for Tigers] has important conservation themes set in a real landscape that is almost magical in its dense lushness and beauty. It is told as a contemporary mystery using sensory, artistic images inspired by nature.”—The Weekend Australian

This stunning story of conservation, hope, and individuality will make readers dream of what may lie hidden in the untouched wilderness.”—A Mighty Girl