Bear Has a Belly

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Bear Has a Belly

By Jane Whittingham
Toddler Tough picture book for Ages 2–5
ISBN: 978-1-77278-268-4
List Price: $21.95 CAD / $17.95 USD
Hardcover with padded cover, rounded
corners & extra-heavy paper | Reinforced Trade Binding
Trim Size: 9 x 9 inches (22.86 x 22.86 cm)
Pages: 24

Publication Date: September 13, 2022

Distributed in the US by Ingram Publisher Services
Rights Available: World ex. North America

In this multilayered Big, Little Concepts book for preschoolers, explore body parts along with animals and celebrate the differences and similarities of our wonderful bodies

Bear has a belly: A soft, round belly. Bear has a belly. I do too!

Do you have a nose like Fox, cheeks like Squirrel, and a tongue like Frog does? In rhythmic text perfect for an energetic read-aloud, Bear Has a Belly points out Moose’s legs, Otter’s back, and Duck’s feet, inviting little ones to chime in with every body part they share in common. Bright photographs of the animal friends are paired with images of real children of diverse backgrounds and abilities who are joyfully engaging with that body part. 

Jane Whittingham, author of Animals Move and A Good Day for Ducks, channels her expertise as a children’s librarian into yet another celebration of active preschooler fun. The chant-along text supports pattern recognition for language learning and reading readiness, and a closing spread of enriching age-appropriate activities invites further exploration and learning. The book’s Toddler Tough format with a padded cover, rounded corners, and extra-heavy pages makes it a sturdy choice for endless repetitions of foot-stomping, belly-laughing, body-positive story times. 


“This entertaining activity book will work well for one-on-one sharing and as a toddler storytime selection, since it encourages children to shout out the refrain while pointing to the body part being named. Due to the repetition, this title could also serve as a beginning reader for slightly older children.”—Booklist

“­­This was a darling book filled with vibrant photographs of animals and children. This book is perfect for building a vocabulary of body parts and animals for young children or English language learners…Overall, this book was very cute and made me want to get up and move just like the book demonstrated. Overall rating: 5”—YA Books Central