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Ben Says Goodbye “…catches the rhythms of moving and of grieving…”—New York Times

Posted on June 20th, 2016 by pajamapress

The New York Times has included Ben Says Goodbye by Sarah Ellis in their “Moving Day” Bookshelf list. They write,

Ben Says Goodbye | Sarah Ellis & Kim La Fave | Pajama Press“When Peter moves away, Ben does not want to say goodbye, or do much of anything. He decides to move too — under the table, to become a cave boy. There he grunts instead of talking and draws stories about two friends on the “walls.” When he’s ready to come out, a potential new friend is settling in at Peter’s house. Ellis’s simple story catches the rhythms of moving and of grieving, while La Fave’s black crayon-like lines and minimal faces register the oversize worries a little guy can carry around.”

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