“Savor for the warmth of the illustrations,” Booklist says about Giraffe and Bird Together Again

November 6th, 2018

Cover: Giraffe and Bird Together Again Author: Rebecca Bender Publisher: Pajama PressBooklist

“Bender’s language is lively and poetic: Giraffe gazes and grazes, Bird swoops and soars and explores. Her illustrations focus on Giraffe’s very expressive face, which often dominates his orange-and-brown-colored pages, while Bird, when not displayed in full glory on his blue-tinged ones, is just a feather or two, leading Giraffe on his quest. More than one rescue is needed here, which adds to the tale’s tension. Savor for the warmth of the illustrations, the fun, and the read-aloud possibilities.”
— Edie Ching

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