Timo’s Garden “is a fun, whimsical beginner chapter book” says Peel District School Board Book Reviews

December 5th, 2016

Timo's Garden | Victoria Allenby & Dean Griffiths | Pajama Press“Timo the cottontail rabbit has signed himself up for the upcoming garden tour. He creates a list for what he would like to keep, discard and add to his garden however tension begins to mount as he worries that one week might not be enough time to make his ‘good’ garden look great. By mid-week Timo is getting tired of telling himself how much he loves gardening as the realization sets in that all his hard work may not be enough. Furthermore, each day he turns down spending time with his friends to work on his garden project. Just when things are starting to come together, it rains all day on Friday. By Saturday, Timo’s garden is a soggy mess and with only one day to go until the garden tour, it takes a surprise visit from all of Timo’s friends to get his garden in perfect shape and for Timo to realize the true meaning of friendship. Timo’s Garden is a fun, whimsical beginner chapter book. The beautifully detailed illustrations help to tell the story and the addition of a flower glossary helps readers locate the variety of flowers in Timo’s garden.”

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