Adrift at Sea shows “[t]hat the human spirit can triumph under the most trying of conditions” praises Quill & Quire

November 25th, 2016

AdriftAtSea_website“This is not the first time Skrypuch has dealt with Vietnam….The author’s familiarity with her subject is evident here, and Tuan’s dramatic story of survival comes alive in Skrypuch’s capable hands. The heart-pounding action alone is enough to captivate readers, but Skrypuch also incorporates moments of great poignancy that add depth and emotion. As little Tuan watches a nearby boat filled with people erupt in flames and slowly sink, he reflects that there is nothing he can do to help and wonders if the same thing will happen to his boat. This is just one of many scenes with the potential to inspire empathy and discussion about the plight of refugees.

Deines’s accompanying artwork is achingly beautiful. Rich, warm colours make readers feel they are experiencing Vietnam for themselves. That danger can exist amid such beauty is an important lesson to learn. That the human spirit can triumph under the most trying of conditions is even more important.”
Sarah Sorensen

Read the full review in the December 2016 issue of Quill & Quire on page 49

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