Peach Girl “will be cherished by many generations to come”—Resource Links

October 27th, 2014

PeachGirlCover“When a Japanese farmer and his wife see young Momoko push her way out of a giant peach, they immediately begin to care for her. Using various parts of the fruit, they provide her with clothing, protection, and food. “Peachy” she declares, before she starts off to make the world a better place. As she journeys through the forest, looking for the ogre the couple warned her about, she meets a monkey, a dog, and a pheasant. Although each animal is frightened of the ogre who is bigger than a tree, has teeth like knives, and eyes that shoot flames, they agree to help Momoko for a serving of her peach dumplings. Although the trip is not easy (they have to build a boat) and their fear of the ogre never dissipates, the friends find the ogre’s house and make their presence known. When the strangers begin to talk with one another, they realize no one is as scary as they thought, and because they all love peach dumplings and good company, new friendships are formed.

Inspired by the Japanese story, Peach Boy, this tale (illustrated with acrylics) stars a courageous girl who makes the world a friendlier place through her actions and beliefs. She brings strangers together (Next time, I’ll bring my folks too) and shares what she can; even if it’s all she owns. Set in old Japan, the beautiful picture book with full page paintings, will be cherished by many generations to come.”

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