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Moon At Nine
By Deborah Ellis

Digital review galleys available by request on NetGalley.

Canadian Publication Date: April 1, 2014 (On sale March 17, 2014)
U.S. Publication Date: April 1, 2014

A riveting novel set in Iran, where sexual orientation can have deadly consequences.
Based on a true story.

Fifteen-year-old Farrin has many secrets. Although she goes to a school for gifted girls in Tehran, as the daughter of an aristocratic mother and wealthy father, Farrin must keep a low profile. It is 1988; ever since the Shah was overthrown, the deeply conservative and religious government controls every facet of life in Iran. If the Revolutionary Guard finds out about her mother’s Bring Back the Shah activities, her family could be thrown in jail, or worse.

The day she meets Sadira, Farrin’s life changes forever. Sadira is funny, wise, and outgoing; the two girls become inseparable. But as their friendship deepens into romance, the relationship takes a dangerous turn. It is against the law to be gay in Iran; the punishment is death. Despite their efforts to keep their love secret, the girls are discovered and arrested. Separated from Sadira, Farrin can only pray as she awaits execution. Will her family find a way to save them both?

Based on real-life events, multi-award winning author Deborah Ellis’s new book is a tense and riveting story about a world where homosexuality is considered so abhorrent that it is punishable by death.

ISBN: 978-1-927485-57-6 (HC) / 978-1-927485-59-0 (PB) | List Price: $19.95 (HC) / $16.95 (PB)

Peach Girl
By Raymond Nakamura, Illustrated by Rebecca Bender

Canadian Publication Date: May 15, 2014 (On sale May 1, 2014)
U.S. Publication Date: September 1, 2014

Momoko is here to make the world a better place. One ogre at a time.

When the farmer and her husband find a giant peach at their door, they can’t imagine how it got there. But they are even more surprised when the skin bursts open and out leaps... a girl.

Feisty Momoko declares that she is here to make the world a better place, and what better way to start than by investigating the rumours about a fearsome local ogre? Everyone says the ogre is taller than a tree, has teeth like knives, shoots flames from his eyes, and eats small children. The villagers won’t go near him. But Momoko wants to find out for herself, and her new friends Monkey, Dog, and Pheasant might just be able to help her—as long as she’s willing to share those tasty peach dumplings.

Inspired by Japan’s Peach Boy story, Raymond Nakamura's quirky adventure reminds readers that rumour is no substitute for seeing with your own eyes, and an open hand shows far more courage than a closed fist. Award-winning illustrator Rebecca Bender’s spirited acrylics bring to life a brave heroine, a trio of expressive animals, and a vivid Japanese landscape.

ISBN: 978-1-927485-58-3 (HC) | List Price: $19.95 (HC)

When Emily Carr Met Woo
By Monica Kulling, Illustrated by Dean Griffiths

Canadian Publication Date: May 1, 2014 (On sale April 15, 2014)
U.S. Publication Date: August 15, 2014

Emily Carr already leads a strange life. What will happen when she adds a mischievous monkey
to the mix?

Emily Carr is one strange bird. She makes paintings nobody wants, keeps a houseful of animals, and often disappears into the woods in a tiny house on wheels. But even those used to Emily’s eccentricities are surprised when she comes home from a trip to buy birdseed with a small, lonely monkey.

In Emily’s rambunctious household, Woo the monkey is not lonely for long. She snatches at the parrot’s feathers, chases the dogs and cats—and completely wins Emily’s big heart. But when Woo’s mischief turns dangerous, Emily fears she may lose the little friend who brings her so much joy. Will the strength of Emily’s love, and Woo’s own strength, be enough to save her?

In When Emily Carr Met Woo, BC illustrator Dean Griffiths’s watercolours capture the mood of the 1920’s with historical details of Victoria and its surroundings. Monica Kulling, using prose as simple and expressive as Emily’s own brush strokes, retells the true story of one of Canada’s most beloved artists—and of her most beloved pet. The book includes historical photos throughout and concludes with a biography of Emily Carr.

ISBN: 978-1-927485-40-8 (HC) | List Price: $19.95 (HC)

Skydiver: Saving the Fastest Bird in the World
By Celia Godkin

Canadian Publication Date: April 15, 2014 (On sale April 1, 2014)
U.S. Publication Date: July 15, 2014 -->

The inspiring story of how the peregrine falcon was saved from the brink of disaster.

High in the sky, a peregrine falcon joins her mate for some swooping and diving before returning to her nest to guard her eggs. The couple doesn’t know it yet, but they will lose most of these eggs; the first clutch to a volunteer scaling the cliff, and the next to the harmful effects of DDT. Told against the backdrop of scientists’ efforts to understand the raptors’ decline in the wild, this illustrated non-fiction book tells the story of several generations of falcons as they’re taken to a sanctuary, reintegrated into the wild, and ultimately relocated to the ledge of a city skyscraper.

With dynamic oil illustrations, author and wildlife artist Celia Godkin effortlessly captures the detail of the falcons and brings to life the different landscapes they inhabit. Skydiver will delight and inform readers with a passion for species preservation, as it documents the struggles and the eventual success of the efforts to save the fastest bird in the world.

ISBN: 978-1-927485-61-3 (HC) | List Price: $19.95 (HC)

Revenge on the Fly
By Sylvia McNicoll

Canadian Publication Date: April 15, 2014 (On sale April 1, 2014)
U.S. Publication Date: September 15, 2014

Will is determined to win his new city’s fly-catching contest. But is he doing it to stop the spread of disease, or just to beat his snobbish classmate?

When twelve-year-old William Alton and his father sail from England for new opportunities on the Empress of Ireland, they leave behind the graves of his mother and baby sister. Will only hopes they will leave death and disease behind them, too. But a shipmate’s baby falls ill and is forced into quarantine on Grosse Île, and when they finally arrive in Hamilton—their new home—they discover that Will’s Uncle Charlie is in the hospital. Why must everyone around him get sick and die?

A competition at Will’s new school offers an answer... and a challenge. In 1912, cities around the world declare war on the fly, blaming it for the spread of the diseases—summer complaint, typhus, consumption, and typhoid—that are wiping out families. To avenge his mother and his sister, Will throws himself into the local fly-killing contest. Along the way, he makes enemies and friends: Fred Aitken, the wealthy classmate who hates losing; Fred’s admirer, Ginny Malone, who often must skip school to look after sick siblings; and Rebecca, a doctor’s daughter who hates poor sportsmanship worse than poverty and disease. William uses ingenuity and determination to climb into the top ranks of fly-catchers, but along the way loses track of his real mission. Can he beat Fred without cheating? How much does it matter? Sylvia McNicoll's historical novel is sure to engage school-aged boys.

ISBN: 978-1-927485-56-9 (PB) | List Price: $12.95 (PB)

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Tweezle into Everything
By Stephanie McLellan, Illustrated by Dean Griffiths

Canadian Publication Date: August 15, 2013 (On sale August 1, 2013)
U.S. Publication Date: February, 2014

Tweezle isn’t a baby anymore—he’s a big boy now!

Pumpkin was the first. Hoogie came next. Tweezle is the baby. But babies grow up, and Tweezle is ready to be a big boy now—and he knows just how to prove it. For some reason, Mom isn’t thrilled when he helps with the dishes (Splash! Crash!). Dad isn’t delighted when he hunts through the closet (Blam! Slam!). Pumpkin and Hoogie say he’s way too little to touch their stuff. But when an even smaller friend needs help, Tweezle’s big idea might just save the day.

The endearing monster family introduced in Hoogie in the Middle returns in a story that will warm the hearts of youngest children—and their families. Stephanie McLellan’s text delights once again with its creative turns of phrase, while Dean Griffiths’ colourful art continues to enchant.

ISBN: 978-1-927485-47-7 (HC) | List Price: $17.95 (HC)

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Graffiti Knight
By Karen Bass

Canadian Publication Date: August 15, 2013 (On sale August 1, 2013)
U.S. Publication Date: March, 2014

When speaking out is forbidden, how far will Wilm go to make his voice heard?

After a childhood cut short by war and the harsh strictures of Nazi Germany, sixteen-year-old Wilm is finally tasting freedom. In spite of the scars World War II has left on his hometown, Leipzig, and in spite of the oppressive new Soviet regime, Wilm is finding his own voice. It’s dangerous, of course, to be sneaking out at night to leave messages on police buildings. But it’s exciting, too, and Wilm feels justified, considering his family’s suffering. Until one mission goes too far, and Wilm finds he’s endangered the very people he most wants to protect.

Award-winning author Karen Bass brings readers a fast-paced story about a boy fighting for self-expression in an era of censorship and struggle.

ISBN: 978-1-927485-53-8 (PB) | List Price: $14.95 (PB)

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Nat the Cat Can Sleep Like That
By Victoria Allenby, Illustrated by Tara Anderson

Canadian Publication Date: September 15, 2013 (On sale September 2, 2013)
U.S. Publication Date: March, 2014

Nat can sleep through anything, even the world’s most energetic kitten!

Nat has a talent for sleeping all day long. Name any place in the house and Nat can sleep in, on, under, or sprawled over it. In fact, Nat is so devoted to slumber that the imaginative antics of a crazy kitten don’t seem to bother him one bit, until...

When the nighttime quiet falls, when strange shadows fill the halls...

Now Nat is all fired up and ready to go! Will the kitten be able to keep up, or is it time for her to find the perfect place to settle down for a wee nap? Victoria Allenby’s rhythmic verse perfectly accompanies Tara Anderson’s irresistible art. Cat lovers young and old will delight in this not-quite-ready-for-bedtime treat.

ISBN: 978-1-927485-52-1 (HC) | List Price: $19.95 (HC)


Cat Champions: Caring for our Feline Friends
By Rob Laidlaw

Canadian Publication Date: October 15, 2013 (On sale October 1, 2013)
U.S. Publication Date: March, 2014

Kids around the world are making a difference in the lives of cats. Readers will be inspired to become Cat Champions, too!

Around the world, young people are making a difference in the lives of cats. In Cat Champions: Caring for our Feline Friends, meet kids who are helping at shelters, fostering kittens, volunteering with sterilization programs, and caring for abandoned cats. Animal advocate Rob Laidlaw brings readers a hopeful, inspiring look at the issues facing domesticated and feral cats, and the "Cat Champions" who are working to help them.

Informational sidebars throughout the book describe issues facing cats ("The Cat’s Out of the Bag") as well as good-news feline facts ("The Cat’s Meow"). Filled with colour photographs and real-life stories, Cat Champions will inspire and empower readers of all ages.

ISBN: 978-1-927485-31-6 (HC) / 978-1-927485-54-5 (PB) | List Price: $19.95 (HC) / $14.95 (PB)

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The Stowaways
By Meghan Marentette, With Illustrations by Dean Griffiths

Canadian Publication Date: October 15, 2013 (On sale October 1, 2013)
U.S. Publication Date: April, 2014

A family adventure turns into a dangerous rescue mission as a young mouse searches for his missing grandfather.

The Stowaways aren’t like the other Weedle mice. They are inventive and curious, they go on adventures, and they are much too clever for their own good. In fact, everyone knows that Grampa Stowaway was killed in a trap on one of his adventures. So, who would want to associate with a family like that?

There’s something else about the Stowaways. They keep secrets. Rory has made friends with a bird, their natural enemy; and his twin brother Morgan dreams of sailing away. But Gran has the biggest secret of all—and Rory has discovered what it is. If Rory and Gran act on their suspicions, will they be heading for disaster? Or will it be the greatest Stowaway adventure of all?

ISBN: 978-1-927485-33-0 (HC) | List Price: $19.95 (HC)

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Nix Minus One
By Jill MacLean

Canadian Publication Date: February 15, 2013 (On sale February 1, 2013)
U.S. Publication Date: July, 2013

The first time I heard the word introversion was the first time I recognized myself. Like, there was a category for me.

Nix Humbolt doesn’t talk much. Though at fifteen he’s taller and leaner than in his "Fatty Humbolt" days, he still lies low at school. At home Nix finds refuge in his father’s workshop where he builds intricate boxes and tables—and avoids arguments with his polar-opposite older sister. Roxy is so alive the air around her vibrates. Nix would slay ten dragons for her, but she drives him crazy—especially when she decides to go after Bryan Sykes. The guy is seriously toxic, but Roxy won’t listen, so what can Nix do? The only battles he ever fights are on his Xbox—until the day he finds the guts to fight for Swiff Dunphy’s neglected dog. Twig won’t win any beauty contests, but Nix is determined to save her. And when things start to spiral out of control, she might just be the one who saves him.

ISBN: 978-1-927485-24-8 (HC) / 978-1-927485-25-5 (PB) | List Price: $21.95 (HC) / $14.95 (PB)

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By Sue MacLeod

Canadian Publication Date: May 1, 2013 (On sale April 22, 2013)
U.S. Publication Date: September, 2013

All Jane did was read aloud from an old book—but suddenly she’s face to face with her history project, Tudor England’s Lady Jane Grey.

It started with a history project. Mr. Gregor assigned a research paper on a figure from the Tudor era, and of course Jane Grey had to pick her namesake—Lady Jane Grey, the fifteen-year-old girl whose parents schemed to place her on the throne of England, then abandoned her to face the executioner. The project is engrossing from the start, but when Jane opens a mysterious prayer book and finds herself in the Tower of London in 1553, she ends up literally drawn into her namesake’s story. Soon, Jane is slipping into the past whenever the present becomes too unbearable, avoiding her mother’s demands, her best friend’s fickleness, her crush’s indifference. In the Tower she plays chess with the imprisoned Lady Jane, awed by her new friend’s strength and courage. And it is in the Tower, keeping vigil as the day of the execution draws near, that Jane learns that she, too, must have the courage to fight for her own happiness.

ISBN: 978-1-927485-29-3 | List Price: $14.95 (PB)

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Hoogie in the Middle
By Stephanie McLellan, Illustrated by Dean Griffiths

Canadian Publication Date: May 1, 2013 (On sale April 26, 2013)
U.S. Publication Date: August, 2013

Too big. Too small. No room for me at all.

Sometimes Hoogie feels like the hole in the middle of a donut. She isn’t big and dependable like her sister Pumpkin. She isn’t tiny and sweet like her brother Tweezle. She’s just…Hoogie. Every day she hears, “You’re too big for this” and "You’re too small for that" until there’s such a big little pain inside of her that she doesn’t know what to do. Luckily Mom and Dad are there to show her what a very special place the middle can be.

Author Stephanie McLellan's rhythmic text uses an exuberance of rhyme, alliteration, and spot-on simile to affirm and celebrate the middle child.

ISBN: 978-1-927485-28-6 | List Price: $17.95 (HC)

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Community Soup
By Alma Fullerton

Canadian Publication Date: June 1, 2013 (On sale May 25, 2013)
U.S. Publication Date: August, 2013

Can Kioni save the school vegetable garden from her herd of hungry goats?

In a garden outside a Kenyan schoolhouse, children are working together to harvest the vegetables they have grown and make them into a soup for everyone to share. But Kioni is having trouble: her herd of mischievous goats followed her to school today and they are trying to eat all the vegetables. The ensuing chaos caused by the goats is cleverly resolved by the children, making their vegetable soup very tasty while saving Kioni’s four-legged intruders at the same time.

Using rollicking verse with echoes of "Mary had a Little Lamb," Alma Fullerton tells a lively story about communal projects and finding creative solutions that help everyone contribute. This tale for young readers is graced with Alma’s stunning primitive paper sculpture art—the first book she has chosen to illustrate herself.

ISBN: 978-1-927485-27-9 | List Price: $19.95 (HC)

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Lumpito and the Painter from Spain
By Monica Kulling, Illustrated by Dean Griffiths

Canadian Publication Date: October 15, 2012 (On sale October 1, 2012)
U.S. Publication Date: April 15, 2013

A true story of the determined little dachshund who stole Picasso’s heart

Lump the dachshund is content living with David in Italy. But he is not happy living with Big Dog, who hounds him day and night. Lump needs a holiday. So when David announces that he’s off to the south of France to photograph a famous painter, Lump positively scrambles at the chance to ride along. At the villa, Pablo Picasso greets them and is enchanted with the little dog he calls Lumpito. The feeling is mutual; from that moment on, the two become soulmates. Lump loves David. But how can he show his master, and Picasso, that he is home at last?

Author Monica Kulling was inspired by the true story of Picasso’s love affair with a dachshund named Lump, who came for a visit, refused to leave, and became immortalized in a number of the artist’s paintings and drawings. Dean Griffiths' watercolour illustrations bring the story to life, painting artist and dachshund alike in an exuberance of colour and whimsy.

ISBN: 978-1-927485-00-2 | List Price: $19.95 (HC)

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One Step at a Time: A Vietnamese Child Finds Her Way
By Marsha Skrypuch

Canadian Publication Date: September 4, 2012 (On sale August 22, 2012)
U.S. Publication Date: February 1, 2013

An affecting sequel to Last Airlift: A Vietnamese Orphan’s Rescue from War

Tuyet cannot believe her good fortune. Brought up in a Vietnamese orphanage and rescued from the invading North Vietnamese army, she has been adopted by a kind and loving family in Canada. Tuyet feels safe at last as she adjusts to a new language and unfamiliar customs. But polio has left her with a weak leg, and her foot is turned inward, making walking painful and difficult. There is only one answer; she must have a series of operations. Her dread of doctors and hospitals brings back troubling memories of helicopters, a field hospital, and another operation in Vietnam. It won’t stop Tuyet, despite her fears and her overwhelming shyness. She has always dreamed of having two straight legs, of walking and running, of playing with other children, of owning a pair of shoes that actually match. Now that she has been given a chance, Tuyet is determined to do what it takes to finally stand on her own two feet.

In this sequel to Last Airlift: A Vietnamese Orphan’s Rescue from War, Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch continues Tuyet’s heart-wrenching true story of courage, family, and hope.

ISBN: 978-1-927485-01-9 (HC) / 978-1-927485-02-6 (PB) | List Price: $17.95 (HC) / $12.95 (PB)

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A Good Trade
By Alma Fullerton, Illustrated by Karen Patkau

Canadian Publication Date: October 15, 2012 (On sale October 1, 2012)
U.S. Publication Date: March 15, 2013

Kato cannot believe his eyes when he sees what is in the aid-worker’s truck; how will he show his thanks for such a great gift?

In a small Ugandan village, Kato wakes early to start the long, barefoot trek beyond his village and along fields dotted with cattle and guarded by soldiers. His destination is the village well, where he will pump a day’s supply of water into two jerry cans. Like every day, Kato lets the water splash over his hot, tired feet before carrying his heavy load back home, where his chores await him. But this is no ordinary day. The aid-worker’s truck has come to the village square, and in the back is a gift so special, the little boy rushes home to look for something to repay the aid-worker.

Alma Fullerton’s spare, lilting prose tells a deceptively simple story of one day in a little boy’s life. But in a place ravaged by a generation of civil war and drought, a village well brings life, a gift of shoes is a cause for celebration, and a simple flower becomes an eloquent symbol of peace and gratitude.

ISBN: 978-0-9869495-9-3 | List Price: $19.95 (HC)

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A Bear in War
By Stephanie Innes & Harry Endrulat, Illustrated by Brian Deines

Canadian Publication Date: September 4, 2012 (On sale August 22, 2012)
U.S. Publication Date: May 1, 2013

Teddy’s World War I odyssey takes him from a farm in Quebec to the front lines of France, and finally to his present home in the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.

In 1915, 37-year-old Lawrence Browning Rogers enlisted in the Fifth Canadian Mounted Rifles, leaving behind his wife, two children, and their farm in East Farnham, Quebec. Over the next two and a half years, the family exchanged hundreds of letters, and daughter Aileen sent her beloved Teddy overseas to keep her father safe. Teddy returned home safely, but Lieutenant Rogers did not; he was killed in the battle of Passchendaele. Eighty-five years later, Lawrence’s granddaughter found Teddy, the letters, and other war memorabilia packed away in a briefcase. Now Lawrence’s great-granddaughter Stephanie Innes and children’s author Harry Endrulat have used those documents to reconstruct a moving story of one family’s love and sacrifice—a story shared by the families of so many soldiers who have lost their lives in the defense of their country.

Accompanied by family photographs and Brian Deines' poignant art, A Bear in War is more than one family’s testament to a brave soldier. It is a gentle introduction to war, to Remembrance Day, and to the honor of those who have served their countries.

ISBN: 978-1-927485-12-5 | List Price: $19.95 (HC)


Don't Laugh at Giraffe
By Rebecca Bender

Available in schools, libraries and fine book stores

All Giraffe and Bird do is bicker and make fun of each other. But for dignified Giraffe, it’s a different thing altogether when the other animals laugh at him, too. Now it’s up to Bird to make things right for his friend.

Giraffe and Bird make the oddest pair. All they do is spat, squabble and get on each other’s nerves. In the morning, Bird uses his loudest outdoor voice, so giraffe makes a disgusting noise as he clears his phlegmy throat, so Bird tickles his neck, and...well, you get the picture. There’s nothing Bird likes more than to have a laugh at the expense of his lanky friend, and one dry day at the pond, he gets his chance. Giraffe’s awkward attempt to reach the water without getting his hooves wet raises a cackle from a flamingo, a chortle from the zebra, then a howl from the hippo. Soon everyone is having a good laugh...especially Bird. In fact, Bird is having a ball until he realizes that his mortified friend has left the pond without quenching his thirst. Now Bird is sorry. How will he get giraffe back?

Author/illustrator Rebecca Bender’s hilarious illustrations accompany a story about empathy and the trials of friendship that will persuade young readers that it’s okay to look goofy and laugh at yourself once in a while, especially when you have a good friend by your side.

ISBN: 978-0-9869495-6-2 | List Price: $19.95 (HC)

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Emily For Real
By Sylvia Gunnery

Available in schools, libraries and fine book stores

If it’s just him, I cut a clean diagonal right across the middle, letting one half fall dead on the bed and throwing the other half on top of the pile. If it’s a picture of him with me, I carefully slice him off, and for some reason I save the piece with me in it. After a while, there’s a pile of Brian corpses lying there staring at nothing, and the pages of my album are all patched up with slices and triangles and scraps of pictures of me.

In every one of these sliced-up pictures, I look stranded.

Seventeen-year-old Emily’s world crumbles when her boy friend dumps her, and when she thinks her life can’t possibly get any worse, a series of secrets are revealed that threaten to tear her beloved family apart. Emily’s heart has been broken into a hundred pieces and she feels like there is no one to turn to, until an unexpected friendship blossoms with a troubled classmate named Leo. Sometimes moody but always supportive, Leo is Emily’s rock in an ocean of confusion and disbelief.

But Leo doesn’t have an easy life either. He struggles to be both mother and father to his little sister while his mom battles her alcohol addiction. His deadbeat dad darts in and out of the picture, and Leo would rather he stay away, permanently. The two friends lean on each other, and in the end discover the inner strength to face whatever life throws at them.

With incredible insight into the teenage psyche and speckled with pitch-perfect humor, author Sylvia Gunnery has created a heart-warming coming-of-age story that explores the intricacies of family and friendship.

ISBN: 978-0-9869495-8-6 (PB) / 978-1-927485-03-3 (eBook) | List Price: $14.95 (PB) (eBook)

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Acts of Courage: Laura Secord and the War of 1812
By Connie Brummel Crook

Available in schools, libraries and fine book stores

She had been running, stumbling, walking for sixteen hours. It seemed that every muscle was screaming in pain. She did not even stop to check the new wound. When she reached the top of the hill, she stopped abruptly, trem- bling at an unexpected sight.

Clusters of tents and groups of men around campfires were silhouetted against the sky.

In Acts of Courage, Connie Brummel Crook dramatizes the life of one of Canada’s most enduring heroines, Laura Secord. from young Laura Ingersoll’s early days in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, amidst the turmoil that followed the American Revolutionary War, the story outlines her father’s difficult decision to move his family to Upper Canada. Laura’s subsequent meeting and courtship with James Secord is described against the backdrop of homesteading in the Niagara Peninsula and of enduring the imminent threat of American invasion. These first sections of the book provide the background for Laura’s courageous rescue of her husband from the battlefield at Queenston Heights, and her even more amazing trek to warn Col. Fitzgibbon of the American’s secret plans to attack the British outpost at Beaver Dams. Laura’s extraordinary life, peopled with characters like Joseph Brant and Col. Fitzgibbon is given even more poignancy and interest by the author’s inventive and surprising characterization of the young Fitzgibbon, by her acute eye for historical detail, and through her insights into the character of a young woman whose acts of courage have captured the imagination of generations of young Canadians.

ISBN: 978-0-9869495-7-9 (PB) /978-1-927485-04-0 (eBook) | List Price: $14.95 (PB) (eBook)

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True Blue
By Deborah Ellis

U.S. paperback publication date: November 1, 2013
Hardcover currently available in schools, libraries and fine book stores

A person doesn’t have to do anything important to get recognition anymore; it’s enough to know someone who does. Parasitic fame.

Even when she was little, Casey—a.k.a. Praying Mantis—knew she was going to be an entomologist. And what about Jess? Casey told her to run, so she became a runner, and Casey dubbed her “Dragonfly.” They were best friends forever. But now Casey has been arrested for murder. Of course it’s a mistake. Stephanie Grass was the brattiest kid at camp; Casey and Jess weren’t the only counselors who complained about her. Sure, Casey used to joke aboust killing the kid, but she wasn’t serious.While the whole town takes sides and waits for the trial, Jess finds herself the center of attention. Everyone wants to know what happened that summer. They are hanging on every word. But does anyone really care about Jess? Mostly she finds it hard to sit still; late at night she rides her bike aimlessly up and down the town’s streets.

The truth is, without Casey, Jess feels left behind. And she doesn’t like it one bit.

In a stunning departure from her novels about the challenges facing children in developing countries, Deborah Ellis has written a story about teenagers in an ordinary North American town—an enthralling read that is part psychological suspense, part murder mystery. True Blue looks at the darker side of a friend- ship and the inner world of an emotionally detached teenager who struggles to find the moral courage to remain loyal to a friend in trouble.

ISBN: 978-0-9869495-3-1 (HC) / 978-0-9869495-0-0 (PB) / 978-1-927485-05-7 (eBook) | List Price: $19.95 (HC) / $14.95 (PB) (eBook)

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Last Airlift: A Vietnamese Orphan's Rescue from War
By Marsha Skrypuch

U.S. paperback publication date: October 1, 2013
Hardcover currently available in schools, libraries and fine book stores

A woman would come to see me. She would bring a young boy. I would sit on her lap for a while, and then they would leave. Maybe that was my mother; maybe the boy was my brother.

After a while, they stopped coming.

Like the other children in the Saigon orphanage, Tuyet dreams of a family of her own. But she is one of the oldest, and polio has weakened her and left her with a limp. Nobody will adopt a girl like her. Instead, Tuyet cares for the babies and toddlers, hoping that if she continues to make herself useful, the nuns will let her stay.

One day in April, the babies and toddlers are packed into small boxes and frantically loaded into a van.The driver places Tuyet in the back of the van as well. As she and the younger children are taxied to the airport through streets filled with smoke, artillery fire and frenzied refugees trying to escape, Tuyet believes that her job is to look after the babies until they are airlifted to safety. But when the huge Hercules C-130 takes off from the burning city,Tuyet is not left behind after all.What will happen to her when she arrives in Canada? Will she be sent to an orphanage to look after new children, or will the people return her to Saigon to take her chances with the Viet Cong’s invading forces?

Last Airlift is the true story of the last Canadian airlift operation that left Saigon and arrived in Toronto on April 13, 1975. Son Thi Anh Tuyet was one of 57 babies and children on that flight. Based on personal interviews and enhanced with archive photos,Tuyet’s story of the Saigon orphanage and her flight to Canada is an emotional and suspenseful journey brought to life by the award-winning children’s author, Marsha Skrypuch.

ISBN: 978-0-9869495-4-8 (HC) / 978-0-9869495-1-7 (PB) / 978-1-9274850-6-4 (eBook) | List Price: $17.95 (HC) / $12.95 (PB) (eBook)

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No Shelter Here: Making the World a Kinder Place for Dogs
By Rob Laidlaw

U.S. paperback publication date: September 1, 2013
Hardcover currently available in schools, libraries and fine book stores

The goal of a puppy mill is to produce the maximum number of puppies in the cheapest way possible.That’s why expensive items—proper housing, care, food, and medical attention—are ignored.

Dogs have been loyal to Humankind for thousands of years. We cherish them as companions, groom them as show dogs and depend on them as working partners. But today, millions of dogs are neglected and malnourished. And millions of other dogs are used in scientific research and for entertainment, and kept as pets in a remarkable diversity of conditions.

In No Shelter Here, animal advocate and chartered biologist Rob Laidlaw explores the world of homeless, free ranging, mistreated, and exploited dogs, and the challenges they face. But more importantly, he focuses on the people he calls “dog champions”—those individuals, small groups and professional organizations around the world who dedicate their lives to helping dogs. Enhanced with photos, informational sidebars and inspiring good-news stories, No Shelter Here will galvanize young readers to become Dog Champions in their own communities.

ISBN: 978-0-9869495-5-5 (HC) / 978-0-9869495-2-4 (PB) | List Price: $21.95 (HC) / $14.95 (PB)

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